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Want to include Mary Lee Settle's voice
in an activity or presentation? Or just enjoy listening?

It's easy! This page will help you find the right tracks. 


To listen to the program uninterrupted, click on the Play triangle beneath Mary Lee's picture on this page. Otherwise, choose the tracks you want.


Tip: If you download the script and table of contents before you listen, you can take notes as you listen and mark passages you want to come back to.

Read / Download the transcript

The large numbers on the script are track marks. Each audio program is divided into downloadable tracks that are short enough to include in a classroom lesson or presentation.  You choose the tracks you want and play them from the web site or download them.

Read / Download the Table of Contents

It tells you the exact length (time) of the track and the nature of the content. If you want to do a lesson on, for instance, advice to writers (AW), you can download AW tracks from several writers.


Explore teaching / learning activities

The activities pages supply enough ideas to get you going. You will think of other ideas. Please share them at


Teachers: CCR Standards for

this website

The language arts coordinators of the Department of Education have supplied you with content standards for each program.

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