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In Their Own Country 

Chapter One:

 Stirring, deep-dive visits with 14 nationally-acclaimed West Virginia writers. Writing activities for all ages. Timeless stories, writing advice, readings and reflections on life, Appalachian culture and history, tragedy and beauty

Includes the national award-winning West Virginia Public Radio series

* Visit each writer's home page. Hear their voices.  


* Play or download a 58-minute audio visit with each writer. Or play shorter segments. Your choice!


* Play these writers' voices in a class or presentation. It's easy, and students love it.

* Each program is divided into downloadable audio tracks  of 2 - 12  minutes.


* You can download the transcript of each program, labeled with track numbers.


* Each table of contents helps you locate tracks that interest you: readings, advice on writing, childhood memories, etc.

* Six activities pages offer writing exercises for all ages: a chance to learn from great writers.

The perception of West Virginia as a literary backwater was thoroughly demolished by these programs."

~ Graffiti Weekly

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       Original broadcast on
    West Virginia Public Radio


These 14 writers have a lot of company.

We hope to add more in the future!

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