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Timeless stories, writing advice, moving readings and reflections on life, insights on Appalachian culture and history, tragedy and beauty. 

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Includes the national award-winning West Virginia Public Radio series

* Visit each writer's home page. Hear their voices.  


* Play or download a 58-minute audio visit with each writer. Or play shorter segments. Your choice!


* Play these writers' voices in a class or presentation. It's easy, and students love it.

* Each program is divided into downloadable audio tracks  of 2 - 12  minutes.


* You can download the transcript of each program, labeled with track numbers.


* Each table of contents helps you locate tracks that interest you: readings, advice on writing, childhood memories, etc.

* Six activities pages of writing exercises for all

ages: a chance to learn

from great writers.

* West Virginia is packed with great storytellers.

These are only 14!

Photos of 14 outstanding West Virginia writers with list of names and navigation advice

The perception of West Virginia as a literary backwater was thoroughly demolished by these programs."

~ Graffiti Weekly

 "These are world-class writers. Their writing would be considered great, no matter where they came from.  And there's plenty more where they came from."

- Ann Pancake

      Original broadcast on West Virginia Public Radio
      Funded by the  West Virginia Humanities Council



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